So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31


I have a wonderful husband! Knowing that I have always wanted to visit Hawaii, he took me there this year! Not only that, but he made it possible to spend two wonderful weeks there instead of one by getting up in the middle of the night to work from there for the second week. I can’t express enough how much that meant to me.

Anyways, here is an overview of our trip to Hawaii. The state of Hawaii is made up of a number of islands in the Pacific Ocean. The main islands are: Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kaua’i, Moloka’i, and Lana’i. We visited Hawaii (the Big Island) and Oahu.

After a very long day of travel, we arrived at our first destination – Hilo, Hawaii, on the Big Island.

The next day, we went on the Evening Volcano Explorer tour with KapohoKine Adventures. It included many sights in and out of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Seeing the volcano was the one thing that my husband, Randy, really wanted to do while visiting Hawaii. I’m so glad he insisted on it as it was a highlight of our trip.

Walking across lava rock to get to the beach/ocean.

Visiting the Painted Church 

Interesting fact: Wear the flower over your left ear if you are taken, over the right ear if you are available.

Walking through Thurston Lava Tube 

A lava tube is a natural tunnel within a solidified lava flow, formerly occupied by flowing molten lava.

Steam Bluffs and Sulfur Banks

Viewing the volcano after dark at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park observatory

The following day, we did some sightseeing around the Hilo area.

Rainbow Falls, Hilo, Hawaii

Scenic sights in the Hilo area

This was only the first couple of days of our trip. I will cover the rest of the trip in several separate posts to come. Stay tuned.

Interesting update (5/8/18): Approximately 5 weeks after visiting the volcano, on May 3rd, the Kilauea volcano erupted spurting lava near the island’s eastern edge; the eruption was preceded by hundreds of earthquakes. This was followed by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake on May 4th. It also opened fissures inside Leilani Estates, sending lava into residential areas and forcing evacuations. Looking at google maps, this is approximately 40-45 minutes south of Hilo. For more information about this eruption, click the volcano link above or google Hawaii eruption 2018.


An acquaintance posted a challenge on Facebook to post something you love each day this month. Many of my friends have been participating in this challenge. While I have not been doing this on my Facebook page, I have been thinking about it. So I thought I would see if I could come up with 28 things I love in my life and post it here. So, here is my attempt.

1. I love God, the Father, who has provided me with a wonderful life

2. I love my husband, Randy, who spoils me rotten and takes care of me in every way

3. I love my kids – Kelli, Jenna, and Eric. I could not ask for a better family

4. I love Robert and Ricky, who make my girls happy

5. I love my original family, who had influence on who I am today

6. I love my friends

7. I love not having to work outside the home

8. I love participating in my Bible studies – both my church Bible study and my online Bible study

9. I love fiber arts: tablet-weaving, kumihimo

10. I love embroidery, blackwork, cross-stitch

11. I love crocheting

12. I love the option of connecting with friends and family online

13. I love the ability to find information on just about anything through the internet

14. I love being able to shop online and have it delivered directly to my door

15. I love how beautiful the snow looks in the winter

16. I love the warm & sunny days with the perfect temperature of springtime

17. I love the colorful foliage of autumn

18. I love the long, carefree days of summer

19. I love Christian praise music

20. I love science fiction, especially space opera

21. I love walking

22. I love Leslie Sansone workouts

23. I love wine, especially reds

24. I love reading books

25. I love traveling to new places

26. I love exploring new places, as long as I have someone to explore with (my husband, my family, or my spousetivities friends, etc.)

27. I love the SCA, the many things I have learned from it, and the many friends I have made by being part of it

28. I love finishing things, like this post, and feeling like I have accomplished something

So, there you have it – 28 things I love!!

greatest is love

My goals for 2018

  • Lose 10-15 pounds
  • Keep myself educated on healthy living
  • Add regular strength training to my exercise routine
  • Learn to keep up with a healthy lifestyle while traveling
  • Regular blog posts
  • Continue learning Italian using Duolingo daily
  • Work on my craft projects a little every day for 5-6 days per week

What are your goals?

The Good in 2018

I heard a wonderful idea while listening to k-love radio the other day. The gist of the idea is to start a jar for the year 2018. Every time something good happens in 2018, write it down on a slip of paper and drop it in the jar. Continue doing this throughout the year. Next New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day, open it up and read through all the good things that happened in 2018. I think I am going to give this a try. Who’s with me?

Coming soon: 2017 – Year in Review


Restarting Again in 2018

It has been over a year since I last posted here. That is way too long. In my defense, I did create another blog for my SCA persona and I did post there a few times. But this year, I made a New Year’s resolution to blog more.

2018-01-01 13.00.39

It took me a couple of days to reacquaint myself to this blog. But now that I have, I hope to post more often and on a regular basis. I hope that some of my closer friends will help hold me accountable.

Coming soon: 2017 – Year in Review

Approximately a month ago, my online Bible study small group leader, who is also an author, put a request out for people to join her book launch team. I decided to try something new and signed up for it. I was provided a copy of her new book to read and joined the Facebook group.

I finished reading the book two days ago, on Sunday. The book was released yesterday, Monday. Here are my thoughts on the book.

The book is all about listening to God and going anywhere He wants you to go and doing what He wants you to do. This may mean leaving everything behind to travel far away or staying put to be an example to your neighbors or family. But many of us come up with excuses for why we can’t follow God’s calling. In Anywhere Faith, Heather runs through the excuses with examples from the Bible, along with stories from her own life, and how we can follow God’s calling both here and there.

I loved reading this book. It held my attention and I found myself relating to many of the things she talks about.


Losing Control

There is nothing like being off your feet for a length of time to make one realize just how much it means to be in control. I am quickly learning this as I go through my second bunion surgery recovery since December. Eight weeks of non-weight bearing on crutches makes it difficult to do many things that we take for granted. As nice as it is to get a break from some of the mundane chores, it does show you how particular you are about things. At least it is showing me.

Many things that I do around the house, in my mind, must be done in a certain way. Laundry is one example for me. Everything has a particular load that it goes in and gets washed in a certain way. But the laundry room is in the basement. Getting up and down the stairs repeatedly and lugging dirty and clean clothes up and down those same stairs is too much for me right now. So I have to hand over the reins and let others do it. Loads are being put together in different ways than I normally do it. Everything in me wants to scream, ‘No, you’re doing it wrong. Do it this way.’

But God is teaching me to surrender control and to be patient. I keep seeing clues of this in my Bible reading and my Bible studies, in my daily life as I am forced to allow others to do my chores in their ways. It is not an easy lesson to learn. But I will strive to learn it and will persevere until I am back on my feet again.

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